Trumpkashi print
Trumpkashi print

Trumpkashi print

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SoundCloud rapper turned president, the highly unlikely rise to phenom status. From the streets of Queens, to billionaire mogul president, Trumpkashi has seen it all. That’s why he has a Hillary tat below his eye.

”She thinks she sees me, but it’s fake news. I see her. Even everyday, when I look in the mirror, it’s a reminder that I crushed her in the debates. It’s what led to my presidential victory. Well, that, and my LOCK HER UP mixtape from ‘15. Point is, with these constant reminders, it’s hard to be tired from winning. But I am. Wonderful people around me keep me inspired to do this music shit.”


Laser pressed; one of the finest print qualities on Earth

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Shipment includes stickers

Signed and dated by PJ O’Rourke ii 

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