Jordan vs. ISIS print
Jordan vs. ISIS print

Jordan vs. ISIS print

$ 30.00

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Signed, dated, and printed with cutting edge laser press technology in Manhattan. Guaranteed to be the most pristine quality print on Earth. All prints are numbered, and will eventually be retired or replaced with a different style and/ or color scheme.

Laser pressed and hand pressed.

3" x 2" 

Muath Safi Yousef Al-Kasasbeh was a Jordanian pilot burned alive by ISIS in 2015, and this is my revenge tribute to his life. MJ's elegant air attack represents Muath’s F-16 fighter aircraft, the bomb goes off at the buzzer to win the game with the windmill classic, while clutching the AK-47. The lack of Jordan’s (bloody socks) represent the Jordanian struggle. 

This comeback on ISIS’ homecourt is one for the ages.  


11" x 17"- shipped immediately (1-2 days)

16" x 24"- shipped within one week.

60" x 38"- shipped within 1-2 weeks.



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