A-Bombshell (5 only) SOLD OUT
A-Bombshell (5 only) SOLD OUT

A-Bombshell (5 only) SOLD OUT

$ 40.00

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Spray paint on 110 lb. card stock

Varnished clear coat matte

List price is total

Shipment w/ stickers

Signed and dated by PJ O’Rourke ii 

ONLY 5 made and then retired


Norma Jean swarmed the scene,
And the world had never seen warmer dreams. 
Never before did we have a sweeter peach; 
never before at a higher pitch did my Georgia chorus preach. 
Operated Overlord in Normandy; if you just took a peek you were sure to see Marilyn's gorgeous beach!
As a teen, she inspected world war machines; patriotic sorta queen torn between being Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jean!
The saga continued, onslaughter hot on the menu. 
If you thought Germany oughta befriend you, atomic bombs gotta offend you. 
Hiroshima, then Nagasaki. Sensitive events; I hope you brought a coffee. Slowly sip, get shot by the paparazzi. 
Add a few thousand copies 
sold sloppy in a vet's bin on a Times Square block. 
  • abombshell
  • limited
  • stencil
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