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      FlyeLyfe is disrupting the retail shopping industry. Instead of buying clothes, FlyeLyfe sells wearable art pieces. Every piece has a story and a meaning. Our apparel is meant to be a conversation starter, and to allow the wearer to be able to share the message of the art and to inspire others.

      While many retail stores are shutting their doors, we have only just begun. Our flagship store will be opening on March 1st, and  is located on 13th Street and 1st Ave, in the heart of the East Village. The experience begins when you walk right in the door. Your senses are overwhelmed with the smooth aroma of fresh essential oils, while beautiful melodrama music enters your ears. You see hand designed New York inspired art covering the walls, and our expert art curators are hovering the gallery, sharing and immersing the guests with a cultural artistic experience.
      Here at FlyeLyfe, we sell art and give people a lasting memory. You don’t come to FlyeLyfe to buy clothing, you come for the experience, to learn about culture, most of all leave with a souvenir and a story to tell.